You are what you think, feel and eat.


intenSati is the perfect combination of physical fitness and mental/emotional fitness using a cardio training and connecting affirmations like: “I am stronger thank I think.” in order to create a new mindset.

The intenSati movement was created twenty years ago by Patricia Moreno, an American fitness trainer who was a mentor, teacher, and an inspiration for thousands of people.

intenSati gets you in a good mood, it’s fun, it lifts your spirit and can help you to shift your mindset and create new thoughts, emotions and action. That can change your life.

The word intenSati comes from inten = for intention and Sati = for mindfulness.

The intenSati workout is made up of cardio-training, affirmations, elements from yoga and meditation as well as good music and boosts your body, soul and mind.

For me as one of the first intenSati leaders in Germany it is the ultimate way for a holistic approach to fitness training.

I am a certified intenSati leader and offer intenSati workouts for the first time in Germany and offer workouts in German and in English.

Check out the current class schedule and be part of this unique intenSati community.

I look forward to seeing you!

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