“True strength isn’t what you can do, it’s overcoming what you thought you couldn’t do.”

Perhaps you have already noticed that there is a new feature on my website named intenSati.

What is that? A new meditation? A mental training? A yoga position? A fitness training?

Yes! intenSati is the perfect blend of everything mentioned above.

intenSati is the perfect combination of physical fitness and mental/emotional fitness using a cardio training and connecting it with affirmations.

What does the word intenSati mean? intenSati is made of two words, inten = intention and sati = mindfulness. intenSati means being mindful with your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions, because they become your reality. You can change your old dogmas by creating a new mindset and manifesting it in your belief system.

intenSati – who created it? The intenSati movement was created twenty years ago in the USA by Patricia Moreno. Patricia Moreno was an American fitness trainer who had reached a point in her work where she wanted more than just a physical training for the body. As a fitness trainer, a yoga trainer, a choreographer, a mentor, and a teacher she inspired millions of people with intenSati. For many it was the begin of change in their lives.

intenSati gets you in a good mood, it’s fun, it lifts your spirit and can help you to shift your mindset and create new thoughts, emotions, and actions. It can change your life. Exercise your way out of your old belief system, away from sentences like: “I’m not good enough” and into new positive dogmas like: “I am stronger than I think and braver than I seem” that raise your energy level and strengthen your resilience.

The intenSati workout is built up of cardio-training, uplifting affirmations, elements from yoga and meditation as well as good music and offers great fitness for your mind, body, and soul.

For me as one of the first certified intenSati leaders in Germany it is the ultimate way for a holistic approach to fitness training and to your health.

I offer intenSati workouts in German as well as in English.

Check out the current class schedule and be part of this unique intenSati community. Inspire and rewire your brain! 

I look forward to seeing you!