Murphy’s Law

by | Nov 1, 2020

Hang loose shoes

Murphy’s Law was named after the U.S. engineer Edward A. Murphy and the term is known as worldly wisdom. You have probably experienced this yourself a few times.
Your slice of toast with butter and jam slides off the plate and lands on the “wrong side” with the jam on the floor.
Products you bought don’t work anymore right after the guarantee has just expired.

Or you are looking for your car keys and will likely find them in the place you never thought they would be. Does that sound familiar?

But is it really that way?

We would like to give Murphy’s Law the blame when something goes wrong, but it actually has more to do with our inner perception than with Murphy’s Law.

One aspect is the fact that we tend to have a selective perception by remembering negative experiences more than positive ones in everyday life.

Besides that, our perception influences our behaviour. How do we judge a positive compared to a negative experience? When you observe yourself in your reaction and behaviour during a negative experience, do you notice that the negative emotions are felt stronger than the positive emotions such as happiness after a positive experience? We sometimes tend to take the positive experiences for granted and at the same time, we tend to put a lot of energy into the negative emotions when something goes wrong.

When was the last time you were thankful for just waking up in the morning and having a whole new day as a gift?

Last but not least our selective memory plays a role in the judgement. Negative experiences are more present in our minds than experiences that just went smoothly.


Conclusion: Raise your awareness for the small things in life. Be grateful for what you have and who you are.

Don’t be aggravated by little unimportant things. It’s not worth the energy you waste and only harms you.