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Exclusive Retreat “Resilience and New Mindset” May 29 – June 5, 2021 (No: 290521)

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Dates, Retreats

What could be better than to enjoy the beginning of Summer with the full bloom of flowers in France and spend some luxurious time in a remote historic mill surrounded by nature? To top that this retreat adds French Cuisine plus a top seminar in which you can boost your resilience and throw old dogmas overboard to make room for a new mindset. The location is in the middle of southern France (1.5 h distance from Toulouse), surrounded by small villages. Here you can find peace and tranquility in one of the seven tastefully furnished bedrooms, on one of the patios, or in the garden. In the seminar, you learn to recognize your personal stress sources and reduce your stress with easy techniques. You will learn to strengthen your resilience as well as your self-esteem. This small and exclusive seminar is limited to a maximum of seven single participants or a maximum of 6 couples and includes the following topics:  
  • Stress: What is stress, how and where does it develop, which physical symptoms can emerge from chronic stress?
  • HeartMath: What is HeartMath? You receive a lifelong tool for reducing Stress with the easy techniques developed by the HeartMath Institute in California.
  • Self-esteem: Which dogmas and old patterns from your childhood still influence you in the present? How much do you love and worthy yourself? You are unique and special. So emerge from victimhood and take your life into your own hands.
  • New mindset: Create a new mindset with positive emotions and thoughts.
  • Mindest Movement: Have fun moving to music and using affirmations to build and maintain your new mindset.
  The accommodation Moulin de Latreille is located on the banks of the river Ouysee in the midst of nature. Nature lovers will enjoy the richness in species, especially birds. Take a look at the website www.moulindelatreille.com and convince yourself of this exclusive one week retreat. Costs: Eight days cost € 1.780 per person and include the seminar fee, the accommodation, three meals per day, non-alcoholic beverages (water, coffee, tea and juices), a daily meditation and Mindest Movement. Costs for arrival and departure are not included and must be organized individually by yourself. A shuttle from the airport to the Moulin de Latreille can be organized.